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All punters that make use of the top online betting sites are looking to win big. Whilst everybody understand that winning is not as simple as logging onto an online betting site and making a bet, there are still a few areas that should be ironed out in the minds of all punters in Canada. Winning with these online sites is easy for any person that takes their betting seriously and there are a few ways that punters can do this.

Online betting strategies and guides are there to help bettors find information on any form of betting they would like to partake in. These guides can be used as a reference to all bettors. Developing an online horse betting strategy that works means that bettors should come to terms with the fact that the bookmakers almost always have greater odds than them. However there is a way that bettors can find better odds for themselves, leaving the bookmakers at a loss and allowing them to shine and smile all the way to the bank.

Understanding Positive Expected Value

An expected value refers to the expected outcome and expected pay-out ratio dependant on the odds that are at hand. Now if a bettor wants to make use of the best online betting Canada sites they will want to know how all of this works. If you have a scenario where you make a bet as to which team will win or lose, you stand a fifty percent chance of winning, let’s say that the odds where even and if your team won you get the pay-out and if your team loses, the bookmaker gets the exact same amount as the pay-out. This is known as a neutral expected value.

Over time you will eventually break even and after a hundred bets, your win to loss ratio would be at an average of fifty percent. So if you bet one dollar for every match, after a hundred matches you have fifty dollars, but so does the bookmaker and nobody really wins big here. However, let’s suppose for ever match that your bet won, you got two dollars where the bookmaker will only get one dollar. Over the same time period, although you have won the same amount of matches, you will now have an average of a hundred dollars compared to the bookmakers fifty dollars, this is known as a positive expected value and is worth the long term waiting.

Where to Find Positive Expected Value Bets In Canada

The reasoning behind bettors not making use of these advantaged bets is that finding the bets that have positive expected values could be a bit tricky and time consuming. The overwhelming amount of energy that would need to be put into researching and finding these bets is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. There are several online betting strategy guides that are available for any bettor in Canada to make use of and find these bets to win bigger.