Oasis Poker Pro Review & Guide for Online Players

Oasis Poker Pro Review & Guide for Online Players

Popular in Eastern Europe and northern Africa as well as online, Oasis Poker Pro is literally the game of choice for card game fans, with players actually being allowed to choose to change their cards at a certain point.

It is this element of choice that makes Oasis Poker Pro different from Caribbean Stud, which it resembles very closely in every other way.

What it Costs to Exchange Cards

The gist of it is that Oasis Poker Pro players may either keep or discard their existing cards for new ones before the raise/fold decision is made.

But this comes at a price, which varies, depending on how many cards the player wants to exchange and what the game ante is. The non-refundable fee of exchanging cards is calculated as follows:

  • One card: 1x ante
  • Two cards: 2x ante
  • Three cards: 3x ante
  • Four cards: 2x ante
  • Five cards: 1x ante

Of course, this adds a lot more room for strategy in Oasis Poker Pro as players must weigh the value of their existing cards against the likelihood that they may draw something better.

How to Play Oasis Poker Pro

Although there are a number of different Oasis Poker Pro variants, below are the rules for the most commonly offered version in online casinos:

Oasis Poker Pro play begins when the player makes an ante wager plus an optional bonus side bet and then player and dealer are each dealt five cards. There cards are all dealt face-down, with the exception of one dealer card.

The player is allowed to view examine his or her own cards, although no information may be shared.

This is where things get interesting in Oasis Poker Pro. The player may now opt to swap any one or more of his/her cards with the next one in the remainder of the standard 52-card deck.

The non-refundable fee for doing this is the same amount as the ante wager.

As in other poker variants, players may now either fold or raise. However, players who opt to exchange all five of their cards for new ones from the deck must raise. Folding causes players to forfeit their ante bets, cards, and side bets, if any have been made. Raising, meanwhile, requires players to make a raise wager twice the value of the ante.

If players elect to continue by raising, the dealer will then reveal his remaining four cards. If the dealer’s hand is to qualify, it must contain an ace/king or higher-value card, making the lowest possible qualifying hand: A – K – 4 – 3 – 2.

If the dealer fails to qualify, the player wins even money on the ante wager and the raise is pushed. If the dealer does qualify, however, there are three possible scenarios that could play out:

  1. The dealer qualifies and beats the player, causing the player to lose both the ante and the raise.
  2. The dealer qualifies and loses to the player, causing the ante to pay out even money and the raise to pay according to the Raise Pay Table, which may vary between different internet casinos.
  3. The player and dealer tie, causing both the ante and the raise to be pushed.

Final Thoughts on Oasis Poker Pro

Note that, in Oasis Poker Pro as in Caribbean Stud, the best five-card hand wins and standard poker hand rankings apply. Interestingly, unlike the ante bet, the bonus bet win is based sole on the value of the player’s original hand. This is one of the most interesting card games available, and almost as popular as the online blackjack for real money or free and other regions have to offer.